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Pendekar Bengal is located in the hilly mountains of Janda Baik, a well known tourist attraction, not far from Genting Highlands.

We are known for our reputation on our quality cats, and honest evaluation of kittens We are registered with TICA and also a member of TIBCS.

From precious pets,breeder kittens to out standing show specimen, we strive to produce kittens that display the awesome appearance of little living room leopards, but with the personality of the most loving domestic kitten.

Pendekar Bengals are well-known for breeding kittens with super pelted cost, nice acreage and outstanding rosettes! All of our breeders have the rosettes , is glittered and ultra-soft pelt and they seems to produce this consistently to their progeny .

We breed for intense black/sorrel markings on bright gold mahogany backgrounds, and all of our breeder are totally rosetted,in order to reproduce rosetted kittens..We believe that in order for rosetting to be a factor, it must be dramatic.

Our kittens are raised indoors and are thoroughly socialized. They are used to being handled, and loved and cuddled. They are exposed to our rottweillers, parrots and macaws. They are guaranteed healthy, and we have minimal problems since ours is a closed cattery. Which means that we do offer boarding or stud services to out side cats . Our kittens are vaccinated, wormed, and vet-checked before going into their new homes.

We rely on repeat business, and on word of mouth advertising. We have satisfied customers all over the world, who can testify as to the quality and temperament of our Bengals. So it is most important to us to protect our
reputation, and ensure that each and every new kitten owner is delighted with their new Bengal from Pendekar cattery .

If you are looking for a special Bengal kitten, let us know what you want. If we have a kitten that we think you might like, we will send photographs and pedigrees. A deposit from you will then hold the kitten until it is ready
to go (at about 16 weeks). If air shipping is necessary, we will make the neccesary arrangements. Because of the huge demand for quality kittens, it may be necessary to be on our waiting list for a short while.

Here is the photo of our Cattery